We offer expertise in five key public relations disciplines

Positioning and Messaging
Function: Establish, expand and maintain your image and reputation in the public eye
Result: Develop a clear, positive and productive brand identity.

Word of Mouth/Buzz Building
Function: Get people talking about you, your product and your brand
Result: Generate brand awareness, affinity and loyalty among consumers, influencers, and local, regional and national media.

Traditional Media Relations
Function: Develop a creative and aggressive publicity campaign
Result: Secure media placements that get people taking action and buying your product or acting on what you have to say/recommend.

Social Media Implementation
Function: Create an effective channel for you to connect on a real-time basis with customers and attract new visitors as well as enhance loyalty with exitiing customers.
Result: Boost presence within the online community and create a voice for your brand.

Celebrity Seeding
Function: Connect with and win over the influential VIPs we identify as the best fits for your brand
Result: Increase exposure in the ever popular celebrity world (via weekly magazines and news shows) and create a "must-have" mystique.