"ink PR is sensational. Our two-year old company has received great responses from around the world because of the persistence of ink PR. I was against hiring a PR firm in the beginning, but now I am a believer. I know ink PR is out working my products every day and jumping on opportunities to help publicize us. At trade shows, I constantly hear about how our customers saw our product on ABC Morning Show or read about us in Family Circle."
Jeff Rapport, Co-CEO/Co-Founder, Memory Maker

"I was initially intimidated by PR and didn't even know where to begin. Then I started working with ink PR five years ago and since then my business has exploded. They've helped me turn myself into a brand. I've gotten great exposure and some huge clients, and I've been named Viking kitchen designer of the year twice in row. They're so creative and hard-working and they do so much more for me than just get me press. I couldn't be happier."
Nicole Sassaman, Designer

"ink PR did an excellent job for Vuru. They had a clear strategy of what we needed as a start-up company and put together a comprehensive target list of germane media outlets, and they delivered. They got us press coverage in spades, particularly health and slice of life style vignettes. I was shocked by the quality of the press coverage we got given the size of our company and budget. They are pitching machines and outstanding product promoters, and their attentiveness and follow-up is exceptional. There's a reason why ink PR have a lot of clients who have been with them for a long time. I've referred clients to them and highly recommend working with them."
Grant Kornman, CEO, Vuru

"The work ink PR has done for Green Dimes has been essential to our success. They're really keyed in to the 'green' space and have helped us build a smart, flexible PR strategy and gotten us some really great press, nationally, regionally and online. They're always reachable and I'm incredibly impressed by how proactive and accessible they are. The marketing dollars we've spent haven't given us close to the ROI we've seen from PR. It's worth its weight in gold."
Dan Estabrook, General Manager, GreenDimes

"Our experience with ink PR has been phenomenal. They came up with a complete PR strategy for Titan Luggage and waged an all-out attack to get us media and get us in front of celebrities. They knew which opportunities were best for us and gave us great guidance, working side by side with us all the way. The results have been amazing. They got us into the hands of people like Gwen Stefani, Eva Longoria and Heidi Klum, got us into gifting suites for the Oscars, and they've secured more press coverage than I could imagine. They got our brand out there and its driven customers to our website and retailers. Anything that needs to be done ink PR does for us, even if it falls outside the normal scope of PR. Nothing is ever an imposition, it's always 'What can we do for you now?' They really put their hearts into their work. Titan means something to them. We refer people to them constantly. ink PR really is just the best PR firm."
Kelly Reubens, Titan Luggage

With ink PR, you'll rest assured that your public relations are on-target and on-track