We Specialize in Lifestyle

What does lifestyle mean?
Our clients play a role in consumers' lives. Whether it's through advice, convenience or meeting a need, our clients' products, services and expertise enhance the lifestyle of consumers.

Our Products & Services Practice:
We work with companies we love. Whether it's our clients' high quality products, superior design, first-class service or creative ideas we know they will appeal to media because they are what consumers are looking for. We get our clients in front of key influencers, A-list celebrities and media VIPs to increase exposure and build a reputation for their product. Our areas of expertise include:

Beauty, Fashion, Children's products, Hospitality & Travel, Food & Beverage, "Green", Real Estate, Interior design & Non-profit

We help a select number of talented individuals, including interior designers, event planners, personal trainers, jewelers, matchmakers, fashion designers, chefs, doctors, and other lifestyle experts to create a public image and establish them as high-profile personalities. Getting their faces and names out there builds credibility and ultimately positions them to secure new clients and lucrative business opportunities.